OTRI # 8.06/5.47.4356


  • The MAXCT Project has started
  • The NEO group is working in the CTPATH and HITUL Applications
  • First HITUL Protype is delivered.
  • First CTPATH Protype is delivered.
  • Final HITUL application is delivered.
  • Final CTPATH application is delivered.

CTPATH Application

The purpose of this application is the implementation of an efficient system of urban traffic with support wireless communication between vehicles and between vehicles and infrastructure. The application builds a system of personalized suggestions to each driver. New routes based on real-time status of the city (via their smartphones or tablets) are suggested, meanwhile the system also collect anonymous information about the status of the track.



  • Deliverables Guide (ES)
  • Technical Design (ES)
  • Gestión y tareas CTPATH (ES)
  • Primer prototipo de CTPATH (ES)
  • Competidores y estado del arte (ES)
  • Ventajas sobre los competidores (ES)
  • Análisis de las necesidades Software (ES)
  • Análisis de las necesidades Hardware (ES)
  • Aplicación final CTPATH (ES)
  • Informe final (ES)


The NEO group

The NEO Group

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The NEO Group